ADM-ISOBLOC is a family-owned business in the third generation

We have more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the processing of thermosetting plastics.

  • ADM-ISOBLOC machinery and equipment are characterized by simple handling, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Unimpeachable and proven effective in practice on sites worldwide for customers totally satisfied.
  • ADM-ISOBLOC is fully equipped to meet expectations and demands of manufacturing customers, especially for producers of polymer concrete mineral castings, solid surface, engineered stone, secondary raw materials as well as insulation foam and light weight construction material.
  • ADM-ISOBLOC offers state of the art technique for the implementation or modernization of your production.
  • ADM-ISOBLOC is your competent partner for planning and implementing complete production facilities.
For plant construction, we only use proven techniques of competent and renowned partners in addition to in-house produced machinery.

In demand worldwide

Together with our engineers and
specialists we have implemented
several hundreds projects
in nearly 60 countries.