Solutions with system

We offer system solutions as versatile as our customers’ demands: for building above or below ground level, sewage technology, road and tunnel construction, agrarian economy, sanitary industry or engine and vehicle construction, electrical industry, chemical industry. You need made to measure-machinery solutions, professional initiation, support, maintenance or after-sales-service? No problem, we’ll take care of it.

Raw materials, eligible for processing are:

  • Filler materials: e.g. sands and silica flour (SiO2), granite, basalt, cement, chalk, dolomite, calcium-carbonate (CaCO3) aluminum trihydrate, marble, light weight filler materials, recyclate
  • Fluid bonding agents: synthetic resin, e.g. unsaturated polyester, MMA, epoxide, PUR, phenol, furan, water, emulsions, reactive components with suitable hardness systems
  • Colors: Pigment pastes based on synthetic resin or dry colors
  • Circulation and cleaning agent: Conventional and biogradable

We are happy to develop a solution for your raw materials!